Mass Effect Infiltrator

Mass Effect Infiltrator 1.0.39

Searching for the truth during Mass Effect 3


  • Excellent controls
  • Great graphics
  • Ties into Mass Effect 3


  • Small gameplay bugs

Very good

Mass Effect Infiltrator is a third person action shooter game following a story parallel to Mass Effect 3.

You take the role of Randall Ezno, former Cerberus Agent, who is working against his old employees. He travels around the galaxy finding ways to stop Cerberus in any way possible.

The side-story of Mass Effect Infiltrator is interesting because it follows a plot that parallels Mass Effect 3. Like Mass Effect 3 Datapad, successfully completing the game can affect your single player game in Mass Effect 3. Uploading intel in the game will boost your Galactic Readiness Rating.

Gameplay is a mixture of action and third person shooting. Action is broken into two parts. Moving Enzo around the screen is accomplished by using two touch joysticks. One moves Enzo around the map and the other controls aiming. The second part of Mass Effect Infiltrator’s controls is the cover and fire system.

Swiping towards cover will make Enzo take cover. From cover you are able to attack with a variety of attacks and weapons. Attacking is much easier than other shooter games because you just have to tap the enemy and the game slows down, allowing you to precisely aim at the enemy. During this mode, you can also chain attacks and get combinations by switching weapons and using different abilities.

Mass Effect Infiltrator was developed by the same team of Dead Space, and visually the game is impressive. While not matching its console sibling, Mass Effect Infiltrator is one of the best looking Android games. There are a lot of small details that are noticeable, and Mass Effect fans are going to enjoy the amount of care added into creating Mass Effect Infiltrator’s environments.

Mass Effect Infiltrator is a great action shooter game, and the connection to Mass Effect 3 is even better.

Mass Effect Infiltrator


Mass Effect Infiltrator 1.0.39

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